Accelerate the development of China self mapping satellite


Studying and planning geographic data local area delegates in the Fifth Meeting of the 11th Public Individuals’ Congress gathered this year,Accelerate the improvement of China self planning satellite Articles and the 11th CPPCC Public Board of trustees individuals presented a proposition on the wellbeing of geographic data for changes to reinforce the oversight of the Geographic Data security, accelerate Reviewing and Planning Law of Individuals’ Republic of China, to reinforce co-ordinated administration of remote detecting picture data and administrations, to speed up the positive ideas of assets III development to the satellite venture. The four individuals from the connected fields exhaustively the movement, which deserve our representatives consideration.

Chen Bangzhu, CPPCC part, previous overseer of the Public Planning Geographic Data Gathering, “Fortifying the wellbeing management of geographic data,” With the wide use of the fast advancement of data innovation and geographic data, geographic data security issues become progressively conspicuous: First, the geographic data administrations webpage release stowed away; Western nations insane to take China’s geographic data; workers and Web clients in frail feeling of privacy. He recommended in their recommendations: Initial, a sound geological data security observing framework. If it’s not too much trouble, support the Public Planning¬†Satellite mapping Geographic Data division to reestablish the Organization, and work on the commonplace, civil and district levels, geographic data the board framework, the foundation of geographic data guideline and policing on the institutional systems to protect the smooth advancement of the geological data security checking Office. The second is to work on the administrative limit in Geographic Data Security. Improvement and Change Commission to help geographic data privacy and security designing undertaking, endeavors to upgrade the autonomous geological data insurance and security gear limit. Service of Science and Innovation online geographic data discovery and cautioning innovation research projects into the public key examination projects and mechanical undertakings, and effe

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